Care Instructions

Caring for your Monokini&Bikini Swimsuit:
Monokini & Bikini Swimwear is made with the finest fabrics and most delicate trims. Please follow these guides to keep your Monokini & Bikini swimsuit in the best shape possible:
1. Hand-wash your suit in cold water with a mild detergent as soon as you can after wearing it. Do not wash your suit in a washing machine as water temperatures and washing machine detergents can be too harsh on swimsuit fabrics. Make sure to rinse out all the soap under cold water before drying your suit.

2. Do not tumble dry, dry clean, or twist your swimsuit to dry. Do not iron or bleach.

3. Always lay your suit flat to dry under shade as overexposing it to sunlight may cause damage or discolor to the swimsuit. Please try not to hang the swimsuit to dry as the fabric is very delicate and could cause stretching or shape distortion. Make sure your suit is completely dry before putting it away.

4. Tanning oils, fake tans, sunscreens, chlorine, and hot tubs can all cause damage and discoloration to the swimsuit, so please be cautious and take extra care when wearing your suit in contact with these substances.

5. Avoid contact with rough surfaces as they can pull the fabric.

Caring for your Monokini&Bikini Beachwear:
To effectively maintain the longevity and quality of your Monokini & Bikini Beachwear items, please use the following guidelines:
1. To wash your items, place beachwear in a clean sink with cool water and hand wash with a gentle cleanser. Carefully soak the bikini and remove it from the soapy water. Refill the water without the cleanser and repeat the process until it is soap-free.

2. After your item is completely clear of soap, lay it flat in an airy space for it to dry. Please do not dry items in the dryer as it can damage the quality of the fabric and shrink the item.